Revehō Slite

The Reveho Slite project is currently on hold for an indefinite period of time.

Le project Reveho Slilte est suspendu pour une période indéterminée.

We imagined the Slite six years ago to fulfill the personal need of transporting a functional guitar everywhere everyday. We wanted to do things differently and more efficiently from what has already been done regarding folding guitars, short and ultra short scales, digital guitars and more, to expand the functionalities of the guitar even further, without compromising music creation.

The electric guitar hasn’t really evolved since the fifties, with most brands only reissuing variations on a few selected models each year.

Most guitarists play on a classic setup with their guitar and a small amp, very often with a few to a dozen effect pedals to gain in versatility and obtain a better sound. This generally makes this setup hardly transportable and hard to maintain.

When I was in highschool I always brought my guitar and gear with me, using public transportation, to play with my friends. having built my first guitar a few months earlier and because not a single instrument of the market would solve my issue, I settled on making my own travel guitar concept. Enlightened by my engineering studies and ever-growing love for design, my first concept and its basement-prototype evolved in a complete and fully scalable guitar that would be fit for today’s world and trends, also contrasting with the ever-reused, never-renewed codes of the guitar world.

Au lycée, j’emmenais toujours ma guitare avec moi dans les transports en commun, malgré les difficultés logistiques. Fabriquant des guitares dans mon garage pendant cette période, et devant l’inexistence d’une solution viable et performante à cette problématique, je décidais de créer mon propre concept de guitare de voyage. Nourri par mes études en ingénierie et ma passion grandissante pour le design, j’ai fait évoluer le concept initial et son premier prototype en un concept plus complet et évolutif. L’objectif étant de créer une guitare moderne, qui tranche avec les codes toujours réutilisés mais jamais revisités du monde de la guitare.

Pictures by Jean Haberer